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Comprehensive Talent Management

AIR Talent Management

AIR provides an array of training services, designed specifically to meet the needs of the Indian retail industry. AIR Train is a result of extensive research of the Indian market and partnerships with top international content providers. The focus of AIR Train is two-fold, employability and continuous learning.

Employability: For aspiring and entry-level employees, the training programs focus on skills that translate to immediate employment. These include retail concepts, sales, customer service, team building and communication skills training for store level positions and retail management and domain skills training for corporate positions.
The corporate training programs enable retailers to hire employees from FMCG and other allied industries and quickly bring them up-to-speed on retail concepts and terminology.

Continuous learning: For experienced retail employees, AIR provides several skills update trainings and best practice workshops. The focus is on retail knowledge and best practices from the best international retailers and improving on-the-job performance. These are useful to corporate staff, store managers and franchisees who wish to upgrade their retail management skills.
Our instructors draw from their extensive retail experience to ensure effective delivery of the training material. Through role-plays, on-the-job coaching and case studies, our experts ensure that the training converts into improved job performance and high return on investment for the retailer.

E-learning is also provided as a means of keeping the corporate and regional workforce updated on the latest domain and product knowledge at a low cost.

These training programs also prove extremely useful to vendors and service providers who wish to conduct business with retailers.

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Customer Testimonial
"All our participants found the faculty to be very knowledgeable..
Overall they were happy with the program"
- Head HR, Titan Retail

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